Sunday, 10 March 2013

"Two fingers" to the generosity of the community

A reader has highlighted yet another case where restoration plans for an Aggregate Industries' quarry have gone awry - this time in Uttoxeter. It's not landfill that has been proposed, but a wind turbine 78m tall and 350m from the nearest home.

According to Uttoxeter Wind Turbine Action Group, "the land was promised as a nature reserve, sports pitches and a waterside haven". AI wanted a turbine instead because, as its director of sustainable construction said, "Ultimately we all have the same goal – preservation of the countryside". (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The area's MP accused AI of "clearly putting profit ahead of the local community":
This company has expected local residents in Uttoxeter to put up with the disturbance of quarrying, such as noise, dust and traffic that comes with it for many years in the understanding that they would return the land as a community facility that was restored to its former beauty. The fact they now want to erect an industrial scale wind turbine that will blight the landscape for years to come sticks two fingers up to the good will and the generosity of the community.
I would issue a warning to any residents in Staffordshire, or elsewhere in the country that if they have a quarry run by Aggregate Industries, there is a chance that any time now they will be faced with an application for a wind turbine. I don’t think Aggregate Industries should underestimate the damage it is doing to its reputation and the relationship it has with the communities around its sites.
The application was turned down last month by Staffordshire County Council. AI said “We think the grounds for an appeal are compelling – and this is something that we’re now reviewing.”