Friday, 7 June 2013

Quarry wakeboarding

Now that's an idea we haven't heard of before! Aggregate Industries' Kessell Quarry at Mabe closed in 1999 and now, covered with undergrowth and the quarry void full of water, is up for sale. A prospective buyer had sought advice from Cornwall Council about turning it into a wakeboarding centre, however, it now looks as though the site might go for housing instead.

To enable the housing to proceed, it's reported that AI may surrender its planning permission for quarrying, although the sales particulars state that it is not selling the nearby operational ready-mix concrete plant, and intends to retain the rights to work the 7 million tonnes of mineral reserves. Cornwall Council's position is that, if any of the site is retained for quarrying or ready-mix concrete, this would preclude any residential development.

And there lies a paradox: Cornwall says it's unacceptable to site new homes next to a quarry; Devon, that it's acceptable in principle to site a new quarry (at Straitgate Farm) next to homes.