Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ref. Straitgate in Broadpath Landfill & Hillhead Quarry Liaison Group Minutes

Minutes from the Broadpath Landfill & Hillhead Quarry Liaison Group meeting in June, courtesy of Culm Waste & Minerals Group, show two paragraphs of relevance to Straitgate:
[AI] responded that the company wishes to extract mineral from Straightgate [sic] Farm as the next operational area. This is subject to further consideration by DCC. An Environmental Impact Assessment report is required for this. There is ten years reserve at Straightgate so there would be no return to the Uffculme area until then unless Straightgate is rejected.
And regarding the Minerals Plan, DCC commented:
No further consultation on the Minerals Plan has been undertaken since that for sand and gravel sites in 2012. Further information is currently awaited from the mineral operator before any decision is made on how to address sand and gravel supply. The next formal consultation will be on the pre-submission draft towards the end of 2013, but it is intended that informal discussions will be held with representatives of any communities that may be affected by emerging proposals.