Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Following a geophysical survey of Straitgate Farm last December, to assess areas that might require further archaeological investigation, an extensive plan was agreed with DCC in March to dig 55 trenches across the site - each trench 30-50 metres in length, 2 metres wide, up to 40 cm deep. It is understood that these trenches may be started in October. The exact number will depend on the area Aggregate Industries intends to quarry. The trenches will be dug by archaeology contractors, overseen by archaeologists from the Council. Reports with analysis of findings will follow.

Regarding DCC's new Minerals Plan, presubmission consultation has been pencilled in for next spring, with the Council holding local meetings beforehand. AI has still not submitted anything to DCC to demonstrate that Straitgate Farm is feasible for the Plan. Our understanding is that, following further groundwater and stream flow measurements, any such evidence will not be produced until the new year.

It is now almost two and a half years since DCC’s consultation on Quarrying in East and Mid Devon. The Minerals Plan has been beset by delays as AI has been trying to prove that Straitgate Farm is workable without negative impacts to groundwater. Further delays to the Plan should not be unexpected.

Aggregate Industries' trees around the site, planted earlier in the year