Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Straitgate planning application "in due course", confirms Aggregate Industries

A request was made in September to Aggregate Industries for copies of the archaeology trench plans. It was indicated that such plans would be forthcoming once certain amendments had been made; copies were freely shown to us on site visits.

As the archaeological investigations draw to a close, AI is now unwilling to share such plans; plans that show the position and nature of the farm’s geophysical anomalies, and indicate the revised extent of AI's proposed extraction area. Local people interested in the history of their surrounding area will instead have to wait for AI’s planning application and its environmental statement.

For those in any doubt it would get to this stage, AI has now confirmed that its application will be submitted "in due course".

And yet there is still no resolution of the outstanding issues with statutory agencies, and Devon still has no new Minerals Plan. It is a warning to local people, however, to be ready.