Wednesday, 1 April 2015

If AI was more committed to doing green rather than promoting green...

Aggregate Industries' million-mile haulage plan across Woodbury Common is as far from green and sustainable as a quarry operation can be, and yet in a new report backed by the company, it proclaims its support for green infrastructure, saying "involvement in the report from the UK-GBC was very important for our business as we continue to search for ways to promote the importance of green credentials across the construction industry…".
One of Aggregate Industries’ commitments towards sustainability includes listening and responding to local communities and other key stakeholders. The report from the UK-GBC explains how adopting a green approach helps prepare businesses for climate change adaptation, as well as promoting biodiversity, human health and wellbeing… Involvement in the UK-GBC report continues Aggregate Industries’ commitment to promote greener business, with the company currently working with the Wildlife Trust in London to create a tool to calculate the value of green space.
Local people won’t recognise it as the same company.

Of course, if AI was more committed to doing green rather than promoting green, it would never have arrived at this ridiculous, polluting and unsustainable haulage plan for East Devon in the first place.