Monday, 1 June 2015

Other hauliers are told to go the long way round

Regional freight maps are produced to ensure that hauliers use the most appropriate route to minimise the impact of HGVs on other road users and on local residents. Wherever possible, truck drivers are expected to use these designated networks to access freight destinations. Advisory HGV signs are used to deter the use of unsuitable routes.

Indeed, HGVs approaching the Daisymount junction from Honiton are directed to stay on the A30 in order to reach Exmouth, rather than turn off onto the B3180 which is the shorter route.

Aggregate Industries' 1.2 million HGV mile haulage scheme proposes to use the Daisymount junction too. But AI doesn’t think this sign applies to its 44-tonne vehicles; the 'haul road' it proposes to use between Straitgate Farm and Blackhill for 5 years is the same B road that other HGV drivers are told to avoid.

AI's ridiculously unsustainable plans should never have seen the light of day; processing plants should be as close to the quarry face as possible, not 8.2 miles away, nor 14.4 miles the long way round.