Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Has Highways 'thrown a curve ball'?

Highways England, with responsibility for the Strategic Road Network and the A30, has responded to Aggregate Industries' planning application to quarry Straitgate Farm by saying:
The Environment Statement... states that the quarry would be excavated no deeper than the maximum groundwater level... The cross sections A-A and B-B indicate that the full depth of the quarry excavation would not be lower than the A30 carriageway. However, Highways England would like to see further cross sections to ensure that this is the case throughout the site. Depending on what these additional cross sections indicate, a review by a Geotechnical Engineer may be required.
In view of the above Highways England recommends that application DCC/3774/2015 not be determined for a period of 6 months to allow the applicant time to submit the additional information needed to enable us to fully understand the impact on the SRN.
And the level of Straitgate Farm in relation to the A30?