Friday, 4 September 2015


1. AI would be restricted to quarrying down to 1m above the maximum water table...

But in New Zealand, there were fears that thousands of Christchurch residents could have contaminated drinking water when a quarry was served an abatement notice "after it breached a consent condition requiring it to stay at least one metre above the highest known level of the water table".

The quarry company claims, of course, that its operations have remained above groundwater levels at all times, but locals disagree saying 'quarrying into the aquifers would have gone unnoticed had residents not laid a complaint with the regional council'.
2. Another case of quarried land not going back to farmland...
Hundreds of people have signed a petition in a bid to stop an Oxfordshire quarry site being redeveloped into a business park.
It was due to be returned to farmland but Faringdon Town Council's neighbourhood plan has earmarked the area for industrial use.