Tuesday, 13 October 2015

AI can't get its head around CO2

If anybody’s wondering why all the Regulation 22 documents, for Straitgate and Blackhill, have changed, and why the consultation has been extended, it’s because SLR has submitted, apparently at DCC’s request, a revised set of documents, corrected (as far as we can see) for the triplication that many of the documents suffered and the nonsense CO2 figures that we have already pointed out.

For CO2, instead of:

AI and its consultants SLR have had a rethink, and we now have:

You'd have thought that AI/SLR would have checked this revised version very carefully, but not so. Because no HGV would be permitted on our roads if it really did emit 1.4807 tonnes of CO2e per mile. Numbers are obviously not AI's strong point.

If SLR are minded to amend this document again, it might also want to look at the word massively that still finds itself in the line "Processing at Hillhead may be feasible, but would generate a massively greater quantity of CO2 emissions from the additional mileage required to be travelled" 8.48; 47,241,000 tonnes certainly is massive, 3,344 tonnes somewhat less so.