Thursday, 21 January 2016

Devon Minerals Plan - update

DCC’s Development Management Committee will meet on 27 January at 2.00pm, and will be asked to endorse the Pre-submission Draft Devon Minerals Plan, for submission to the Secretary of State, and for subsequent examination by a planning inspector. DCC writes:
Whilst a number of objections have been made to the Plan, it is considered that these do not raise fundamental issues of soundness, and submission of the Plan in the form that was recently consulted on is therefore warranted.
DCC's report can be found here

Straitgate Farm will still be put forward as a Specific Site; a site supposedly:
where viable resources are known to exist, landowners are supportive of minerals development and the proposal is likely to be acceptable in planning terms,
but, in actual fact, a site where the landowner of the proposed site access is not supportive; a site where processing relies on extending the use of an isolated factory, 8 miles away in an area designated of European importance to nature in the East Devon AONB.

It's hardly surprising then, after the voices of 370 individuals and organisations who objected to Straitgate in 2012 were completely ignored, that in 2015 - after Aggregate Industries had already submitted twin planning applications for Straitgate Farm and Blackhill Quarry, and after people had already written to the Council in response to those applications - many will have considered it futile to respond to the Minerals Plan yet again.