Wednesday, 10 February 2016


1. ‘93 days to pay its bills’ - Aggregate Industries in row with the Forum of Private Business:
The group claims that AI is in breach of EU directive 2011/7/EU. Check out the Forum's 'Hall of Shame'.

2. Is this the sort of thing that could happen to the private water supplies from Straitgate? Middle Musquodoboit man blames quarry for murky, smelly well water.

"When you're going close to the water table, there's always an issue with potential contamination"
4. Think a quarry could be good news for Ottery St Mary? Read this article, and think again. Campaigners celebrated a "significant victory" after controversial proposals to reopen Caldercruix’s Hillend Quarry were rejected:
"As far as I’m concerned this shows the dust and pollution coming from the quarry was harmful and I am pleased these plans have been rejected. It gives me peace of mind." Airdrie & Shotts MP Neil Gray said: "I welcome the unanimity of the decision, with all parties voting against an extension. To have done otherwise would have been to act against the interests of local people. It is important that the planning committee heeded the views of those who live in Caldercruix and the surrounding area." Alex Neil MSP added: "This was the right decision for local people. They had suffered enough from the fall-out from the quarry works. It is also good for the local environment, as it places a limit on the operation’s life. This will also help in persuading more people to live in Caldercruix."
5. Construction methods are changing. A report, published by Forrester Research in October, estimated that automation will eliminate 16 per cent of all jobs in construction and extraction by 2025.

6. Sources of minerals are also changing, particularly recycled minerals: 
Even our friends at AI recognise the potential:
7. Mark Twain's definition of a mine: "A hole in the ground with a liar at the top". He may have been thinking about gold mining, but you get the idea.