Thursday, 10 March 2016

If AI now wants to use the main road in to and out of Ottery...

...shouldn't it tell people? Shouldn't it listen to their views?

Whilst Aggregate Industries says "we are in the process of assembling revised applications for essentially the same development", what it actually intends to do now is to use the B3174 Exeter Road - for up to 200 HGV movements a day; not essentially the same development at all, when the impacts on local people are considered.

Given that "the revised applications will be submitted towards the end of March 2016", you might think that, over the next week or two, AI would want to hear from as many local people as possible and canvass their views about these new plans, so that their suggestions might inform - even improve - the company’s planning applications before submission.

Or perhaps AI thinks it knows enough already; the company obviously thought so last time - for the applications that have now been withdrawn.

A week ago we wrote to AI, and asked:
With reference to your revised proposals for Straitgate Farm, please can you tell us when you will be carrying out leaflet drops and holding public exhibitions to explain the changes and enable local people to inform your forthcoming planning applications, particularly on your new plan to use the main road in to and out of Ottery?
This is the answer:

We will update this post when we receive a reply. As far as the NPPF is concerned:
Local planning authorities... should also, where they think this would be beneficial, encourage any applicants who are not already required to do so by law to engage with the local community before submitting their applications. 189