Friday, 20 May 2016

B3180 - one of the most dangerous B roads in Devon

Local people already know about the dangers of the B3180, and why this road should not be used by Aggregate Industries to haul as-dug sand and gravel from Straitgate Farm to Blackhill for processing - up to 200 HGV movements a day for 5 years. There's plenty of photo and video evidence too.

The dangers of the B3180 are also recognised in the DCC 2014 Road Safety Statistics Year End Report, that ranks Devon's B roads from the most to the least dangerous using 5 years of accident data.

AI's claim that "the proposed B3180 is considered to be suitable as the recommended route for the transport of material from Straitgate Farm to Blackhill Quarry" 4.2.1 is patently absurd when you consider that the stretch southwards from the Halfway Inn is ranked the 4th most dangerous B road in Devon.

The rest of the stretch that AI wants to use is not much better: the B3180 from the Halfway Inn to Daisymount is 32nd most dangerous; the B3174 from Daisymount to Ottery St Mary, now AI’s only route out of Straitgate, and scene of an HGV crash only last month, is ranked 26th most dangerous.

No doubt AI will consider those routes suitable too; AI’s take on reality is different from the rest of us.