Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Are they really going to put another ‘Seagull Pond’...

or any other body of water from quarrying at Straitgate Farm... 200m directly below the landing approach of Exeter Airport? Seagull Pond? That's what Aggregate Industries calls this body of water at Blackhill Quarry; you can see why:

The Red Arrows often use Exeter Airport; 25,000 people watched them at Sidmouth this summer.

For the Red Arrows, the weekend that started with Sidmouth was not without incident:

It has happened in Devon too:

You can see why the issue of birdstrike should be taken so seriously:

If events such as 'Birdstrike drama...' and '...bird strike causes two bangs and smoke from engine' don't raise public awareness of the dangers, this upcoming film will.