Friday, 7 October 2016

How does a 100 acre quarrying carbuncle fit with EDDC’s newly adopted Local Plan?

There are obviously many reasons why East Devon District Council is so against any quarrying at Straitgate Farm, at the gateway entrance to Ottery St Mary, but this week a reader reminded us of what the newly adopted East Devon Local Plan has to say on measures to enhance the town, such as:
h) Promoting measures to reduce potential future flooding and avoid development on the extensive flood zones to the West and North of the town
i) Enhancing the visual appearance of the Western side of the town, recognising its importance as a 'gateway entrance' to Ottery St Mary 12.5
On the latter, as the reader points out:
Interested how they’re going to deliver on that commitment with a quarry and associated traffic in EXACTLY the area they’ve promised to enhance!