Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Provision for two-way 44-tonne HGVs, but where do pedestrians fit in?

Following the Hi-vis jackets out in force meeting in August, Aggregate Industries’ access plans for Straitgate now centre on Birdcage Lane, the narrow lane labelled Toadpit Lane in the Street View below:

Although pre-application discussions are still ongoing, DCC has insisted that AI would have to widen this lane from the B3174 junction to the proposed site access to facilitate full two-way movement of HGVs.

But despite the discussions, despite the hi-vis jackets, including the one sent by AI to survey Birdcage Lane at the beginning of September, despite the Public Footpaths located at the Birdcage Lane junction, no-one has so far made any allowance for pedestrians. No doubt it suits AI to forget their existence.

Ottery St Mary Footpath 10 from West Hill makes use of Birdcage Lane to connect with Footpath 88 to the north. Footpath 87 along the north side of the B3174 is popular with dog-walkers as part of a 'triangular' circuit encompassing Birdcage Lane.

Why does it matter? Look at Birdcage Lane again. Try to work out how on earth two-way HGV traffic, drainage ditches AND pedestrians could all be accommodated.