Friday, 9 December 2016

Hillhead truck numbers ‘don’t stack up’

There’s more trouble for Aggregate Industries' Hillhead ROMP application. After the Environment Agency objected last month, this week DCC Highways said that the truck numbers don’t stack up.

It’s all a bit embarrassing for AI really. Truck movements are a major part of any quarry operation. AI tasked a consultant to produce a Transport Statement for the ROMP application. This is the level of detail on truck movements from future quarrying:

What’s more, it looks as though the numbers were plucked out of thin air.

Remember, this report is to back an application which, although in September 2014 was looking for an extension to 2033, is now looking for an extension to 2042; some 25 years.

But at least someone at DCC has picked up on this.
I have looked through the Transport statement, previous application and would confirm that a breakdown of the 82 arrivals and departures is required to identify how they got to that figure with the amount of material available over the time frame
Because there are some 4.23 million tonnes at Houndaller. Twenty five years' worth of truck movements at 82 loads a day would equate to some 14.6 million tonnes, so plainly something’s not right.