Wednesday, 11 January 2017

“Groundwater - Our hidden asset”

For anyone interested in finding out more about groundwater, UK Groundwater Forum has produced an e-book "Groundwater - our hidden asset" which is free to download:
The book is aimed at everyone, both within the UK and beyond, who needs to know about groundwater and who wishes to obtain a concise overview of this important natural resource.

The book reminds us that:
The importance of groundwater is easily overlooked. It is a hidden asset, out-of-sight and out-of-mind...
Many farms, households and communities in rural areas still obtain their water supply from shallow wells or small-diameter boreholes. In these situations groundwater is the only practical means of supply. Because such sources are relatively shallow and often near habitation, they are vulnerable to contamination.
Once an aquifer is polluted, remedial treatment is expensive and may not even be feasible.
The book may be of particular interest to all those dependent on groundwater around Straitgate: