Friday, 3 February 2017

"Building hedgerows, habitat corridors & bridges is critical to this species' survival"

Dormice inhabit the ancient hedgerows of Straitgate Farm - the same hedgerows that Aggregate Industries plans to destroy. Virtually no established and appropriate mitigation planting is yet in place: 85% of the trees planted will have to be removed for airport safeguarding purposes [6.6, 6.12] and the hedgerows that have been planted are now in the wrong place.

Dormice, a European Protected Species, are on the verge of extinction. New research tells us why:
The existence of the UK's endangered Hazel dormouse is under threat as gaps in tree canopies are leaving the creatures unable to use their hypersensitive whiskers to naturally cross between habitats, a new study reveals...
Gaps in the tree canopy proved to be a major problem for the dormice meaning that gaps in their habitats need to be connected in order to help preserve numbers. Building hedgerows, habitat corridors and dormouse bridges is critical to this species’ survival...
Dr Grant said: “Although dormice can jump quite large distances, when the gaps between platforms were larger than 10-15cm, the dormice started behaving differently – they would eat less of the food available to them and also spend more time travelling on the floor as opposed to the canopy. This behaviour change would put the dormice in danger as this species is vulnerable to threats on the ground.”
Here's where dormice have been found at Straitgate. AI's plans rip right through their habitat.