Wednesday, 8 February 2017


2. Whilst China's solar power capacity doubled in 2016, the UK backed a new source of fossil fuels. Fracking is highly controversial and supported by just 17% of people in a government survey. Aggregate Industries was one of the first in line to profit from fracking. This week, one aggregates company did the decent thing after a quarry protest in Bolton. A second supplier has followed suit.

Bolton News

[Marine sources] were responsible for supplying 25% of the sand and gravel needs in England and 49% of the equivalent needs in Wales.
The vessels will be the first new aggregate dredgers to be commissioned by the company in the UK for more than 25 years.

... results in significant disturbance through removal of substrate and the generation of sediment plumes through processing of the aggregate. The latter can lead to local burial of habitats and smothering of animals.
4. Let's put Aggregate Industries' plans to destroy 2km of ancient hedgerows and dormouse habitat at just one site in East Devon into context; not all farms are like Straitgate.