Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Venn Ottery Quarry surface water run-off

It’s encouraging to see restoration now proceeding at Venn Ottery Quarry. The roads are quieter and the horse-riders are back out in force.

But surface water run-off from the quarry has been a persistent problem, particularly for the Public Right of Way that runs along the eastern side of the site. Complaints have been raised over the years.

Aggregate Industries has seemingly made no provision for surface water run-off from the quarry, which has now washed part of the footpath away.

At Straitgate Farm, with flood-prone communities downstream, surface water run-off will be critical in any quarry design. At Venn Ottery Quarry even a footpath presents a problem.

Edit 4.2.17: We’ve since been advised of more serious erosion immediately downstream of the above.