Monday, 26 June 2017

Decline in Britain's dormouse population far more rapid than previously thought

New research from Exeter University - widely reported in the national press - concludes that, despite being protected, dormouse numbers have plummeted 72% between 1993 and 2014, and the species is in danger of extinction:
An urgent appraisal of dormouse conservation is required to ensure the species’ favourable conservation status.
The People’s Trust for Endangered Species which runs the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme, and who has also 'strongly objected' to Aggregate Industries' Straitgate Farm application, has called for more action:
The declines highlighted in this paper are alarming and there is an urgent need to review conservation of hazel dormice to protect this much-loved species.

Whilst AI are planning to grub up 2km of dormouse habitat in Devon, the PTES, in conjunction with other parties including Paignton Zoo, is actively working to boost numbers; this article describes one example.