Monday, 26 June 2017

What’s AI doing to improve truck safety?

In 2015, CEMEX UK became:
the first company in the country to own and operate the new Econic tipper, designed by Mercedes-Benz and providing the driver with an unrivalled field of vision helping to protect vulnerable road users.
In 2017, CEMEX continues to add Econic tippers to its fleet; as it should do.
Pedestrians and cyclists continue to be killed by HGVs at an alarming rate.

Other operators have also deployed the Econic tipper, not only in London.

But - if you Google "econic truck" AND "aggregate industries" you’ll be disappointed. AI use contract hauliers. It’s unclear what new measures, if any, are being stipulated by Aggregate Industries to make their contractors' HGVs safer for vulnerable road users.