Wednesday, 12 July 2017

AI appoints new head of Aggregates division, and other news

Aggregate Industries has appointed Mike Pearce as managing director of its Aggregates division. Mr Pearce will apparently focus on "innovation, customer service, health and safety and sustainability." 

Indeed, AI's PR machine states that Mr Pearce:
has a responsibility to ensure the business acts responsibly and sustainably in each and every one of the communities that it is part of.
In which case he should have a good look at what his company is trying to get away with at Straitgate Farm. And ask himself whether a polluting, climate-unfriendly, multi-million mile haulage plan for Devon is either responsible or sustainable.

Obviously, AI hasn’t set the bar very high in the sustainability department, and yet, according to a new survey, sustainability will define leading firms over the next decade.
It is essential that companies address sustainability throughout their business operations and make it core to the way they do business
Meanwhile, in other news, the Serious Fraud Office has launched an investigation into Amec Foster Wheeler - AI’s water consultants.