Monday, 24 July 2017

Still no sign of Blackhill plant coming down

You might have thought, since planning permission for processing at Blackhill Quarry expired seven months ago, that the processing plant would have been removed by now, or at least be in the process of deconstruction. But last week, breaking the peace in the murky mist of Woodbury Common, the plant was still noisily in operation.

DCC contacted Aggregate Industries for an explanation and was told:
The plant was run from 10.00am - 12.00am today (19 July 2017). It was confirmed that no material was processed by the plant. The machinery was activated to allow water to pass the system and ensure that the pumps are still active. The is a maintenance requirement to ensure that the machinery doesn’t cease and occurs 3 times a month.
If there really was no material being processed, you might ask yourself why this plant is still being kept operational. AI has, under the current consent, until the end of this year to remove it, but is no doubt awaiting the outcome of the Straitgate application to know what to do with it. Moving the processing plant to Hillhead is, according to DCC, only 'one of the options being discussed'.

Anyone concerned that the plant is running in excess of that described above can contact DCC.

Meanwhile, sales from previously stockpiled material at Blackhill continue. As with the plant, the Blackhill Quarry Restoration and Aftercare Scheme Revision F shows that the stockpile areas must also be restored by the end of the year.