Thursday, 3 August 2017

And the impact on the AONB - if all these trees were removed?

This is the view from Little Straitgate; the East Devon AONB can be glimpsed in the background.

Aggregate Industries' site access plans cut through the middle of the trees shown in the photo. It is likely that the majority of trees seen here would be felled, including those three tall oaks. AI calls these trees F, G and H; Tree H belongs to a third party who objects to the proposal:
The “no dig” construction means that the works will potentially interfere with the root protection areas of Trees F, G and H and some of G15A as illustrated by Drawing R22/L/3-3-005 and it is likely they will be damaged by the development and need to be felled. 4.1
Whilst AI’s plans would afford beautiful unobstructed views towards the East Hill strips, they would also afford less welcome unobstructed views into Straitgate - and the 5m high storage mounds detailed on the plans below - from the AONB.

The visual impact of these trees coming down on views from the AONB has not been assessed.