1934   Machinery installed for the excavation and crushing at Blackhill, Woodbury Common
1934   J&C Bent Ltd acquired Rockbeare Quarry
1947   Permission granted to continue working Rockbeare
1948   Permission granted to continue working Blackhill
1949   Permission granted to work Foxenhole, West Hill
1957   Permission granted for extension of working at Blackhill
1957   ECC (English China Clays) bought Rockbeare Quarry
1962   Permission granted to work Beggars Roost, Rockbeare
1963   ECC bought Blackhill Quarry
1963   East Devon AONB designated
1965   Permission granted to work Venn Ottery
1965   ECC purchased Straitgate Farm from Escot Estate; mineral rights already owned
1967   Planning permission submitted to quarry Straitgate
1968   Public Inquiry to determine Straitgate, Blackhill and Colaton Raleigh applications
1969   Minister accepted Inspector's conclusions and permission to quarry Straitgate refused
1975   Planning application to extend quarrying at Foxenhole
1976   ECC purchased further mineral rights from Escot for 1000s of acres of surrounding land
1979   Straitgate designated a Mineral Consultation Area by DCC in Minerals Plan
1990   Boreholes drilled by ECC at Straitgate
1994   ECC demerged aggregate interests into CAMAS Aggregates
1995   Permission granted to work Marshbroadmoor
1996   Quarrying ceased at Foxenhole
1997   Bardon Group and CAMAS merged to form Aggregate Industries (AI)
1998   East Devon Pebblebed Heaths designated SPA and cSAC
1999   Modification orders served by DCC to restrict workings of quarry at Blackhill
2000   Processing plant removed from Rockbeare
2002   DCC Minerals Local Plan Public Inquiry
2002   Permission granted to quarry Thorn Tree Plantation, Blackhill
2002   Compensation paid by DCC (reimbursed by DEFRA) to AI for Blackhill modifications
2003   Further compensation paid by DCC (reimbursed by DEFRA) to AI for Blackhill modifications
2003   Straitgate removed from Minerals Local Plan
2004   New Minerals Local Plan to 2011 adopted
2007   Permission granted to infill disused lagoon at Rockbeare
2008   AI’s plans to move plant from Blackhill to Houndaller, Uffculme, put on hold; Hillhead mothballed
2008   Permission granted to process Marshbroadmoor material at Blackhill to '09; previously at Hillhead
2009   Quarrying ceased at Thorn Tree Plantation
2010   DCC ‘call for sites’; Straitgate proposed by AI for future sand and gravel supply
2011   Permission granted to process Venn Ottery and remaining Marshbroadmoor material at Blackhill
2011   AI recommenced quarrying at Venn Ottery
2012   DCC proposed Straitgate as Preferred Site for sand and gravel extraction; Public Consultation
2012   AI dug test pits and drilled boreholes at Straitgate
2013   AI started monitoring groundwater levels and performed ecological surveys at Straitgate  
2014   AI continued to monitor groundwater levels and stream flows at and around Straitgate
2014   Archaeological trenches at Straitgate revealed Iron Age and Roman remains
2014   Quarrying ceased at Marshbroadmoor
2015   AI continued to monitor groundwater levels and stream flows at and around Straitgate
2015   AI submitted planning applications to quarry Straitgate and extend processing at Blackhill
2015   DCC Minerals Plan pre-submission consultation
2015   AI submitted planning application to process Hillhead material at Blackhill
2016   AI continued to monitor groundwater levels and stream flows at and around Straitgate
2016   AI withdrew planning applications for Straitgate and to extend processing at Blackhill
2016   Examination of draft DCC Minerals Plan
2016   Quarrying ceased at Venn Ottery
2016   Processing at Blackhill ended
2017   DCC Minerals Plan to 2033 formally adopted
2017   AI re-submitted planning application to quarry Straitgate, for processing at Hillhead
2017   AI drilled further boreholes at Straitgate for groundwater monitoring
2018   Blackhill processing plant reconstructed at Hillhead