Sunday, 27 May 2012

Could Straitgate be quarried without water?

Whilst the Environment Agency has left no-one in any doubt about the "significant harm to biodiversity and water" from quarrying Straitgate Farm, Exeter Airport's request that, to ensure aircraft safety from bird strikes, "no ponds or body of water be allowed as part of this development" is an equally critical impediment. The Google Earth pictures of Blackhill and Hillhead quarries reveal several bodies of water in each and it is inconceivable that Straitgate, particularly with all its water related issues, could ever be quarried without the formation of ponds or lagoons of some kind. Indeed, DCC acknowledges this as Exeter Airport wrote "According to your letter it would appear that there will be at least one body of water and possibly more created as a result of the quarrying taking place and on restoration of the site." We set all this out in an email to Cllr. John Hart, Leader of DCC, on 3 May. This and his reply are contained under the Quotes and correspondence tab.

Blackhill Quarry - click to enlarge
Hillhead Quarry - click to enlarge