View of Ottery St Mary from Straitgate Farm - OSM Church and Chanter's House in foreground
Cadhay Bog - Ancient Woodland and wetland habitat reliant on water from Straitgate
Threat of birdstrike to aircraft flying low over Straitgate on landing descent to Exeter Airport

View of East Hill AONB from Straitgate Farm
View of the Straitgate site from East Hill AONB
Another view from East Hill with Straitgate site highlighted
Looking NE from Straitgate towards the Blackdown Hills
View over Straitgate Farm towards the Sidmouth Gap
Cadhay - grade I listed - with fish ponds fed by stream from Straitgate

Leet feeding Cadhay's mediaeval fish ponds
Cadhay's fish ponds in early spring
Straitgate Farmhouse - grade II listed - agricultural setting would be lost
Looking towards Straitgate Farmhouse and East Hill
A30 running alongside Straitgate
Milking time for the Straitgate herd - productive dairy farm would be lost 
Veteran oaks at Straitgate Farm under threat

30-10-08 Flood water from Straitgate before running into Cadhay Bog

30-10-08 Flood water from Straitgate running through a Devon bank towards Cadhay Bog in background

Same field the next day - 'canyon' over 5ft deep in places - interesting geology!

Photograph from the Environment Agency taken on 30 October 2008 showing flooded areas