Devon reserves

Devon sand and gravel production figures; estimated from 2018 onwards.

Devon's sand and gravel reserves at the end of 2017 were 6.23 million tonnes, according to DCC.

The 10-year average, as detailed in DCC's Local Aggregate Assessment, is 0.516 million tonnes which gives a landbank of 6.23 / 0.516 = 12.1 years.

DCC's Minerals Plan will run a further 16 years until 2033. Using the 10-year average there is a potential shortfall of sand and gravel over the Plan period of (16 x 0.516) - 6.23 = 2.0 million tonnes before the provision of further sites.

The Minerals Plan has allocated two Preferred Areas with resources of up to 9.2 million tonnes to cover this shortfall.

Blackhill Quarry