Friday, 15 June 2012

HGVs impact the B3180

In a 'campaign' running until August, Aggregate Industries are transporting as-dug sand and gravel 6.5 miles from Marshbroadmoor, Rockbeare, to Blackhill Quarry for processing, as shown in the above photographs. The company has proposed the same processing scheme for Straitgate, yet further away, which would, over 10 years with 100 movements a day, equate to almost 2 million HGV miles on the B3180, through West Hill and Aylesbeare Common, and over the protected Woodbury Common. The route crosses the busy A3052 at the Halfway Inn junction, and has various stretches of road less than 5.5m wide - an HGV including mirrors is about 3m wide. This B road, a tourist route to the coast, is plainly unsuitable for such an operation. It is obviously not an easy route for the HGV drivers, and puts pressure on other road users, and upon the road condition itself. In the pictures above, it is worth asking the question: Where does the cyclist fit in? In 2010 17,000 cyclists were injured and 111 killed on UK roads; 20% of accidents involved HGVs, construction vehicles made up a disproportionate number of those HGVs.