Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Could this happen at Straitgate Farm?

An investigation is underway following complaints that a north Northumberland quarry operation has affected the water supply of nearby homes.
reports the Northumberland Gazette.

Blaxter Quarry - Les Hull [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
… a Minerals and Waste Site Monitoring Report seen by the Gazette states: "The conclusions provided by the Environment Agency are that the north-eastern area of the quarry has been excavated below the groundwater table, and that this has caused the sediment pollution at the spring."
Of course, the quarry owners deny liability, arguing:
The hydrology report we have suggests that the most likely cause of the problem is increased water-table levels at times of high rainfall. There have been record levels of rainfall in the latter part of last year.
The local councillor is obviously unconvinced:
Our water supply is something very sacred to us all, and what the residents of Blaxter Cottages have had to deal with - pollutants in their water supply - is quite frankly appalling
Around Straitgate, it wouldn't be just two remote moorland properties at risk, but 100 people - all reliant on an aquifer remaining unpolluted.