Thursday, 13 June 2013

Aggregate Industries - a good neighbour?

You would hope so. Part of Swiss-based Holcim, "a global company employing some 80,000 people, with production sites in around 70 countries". Locally, of course, things tend to be different.

Anyone wanting to know what sort of neighbour AI might be, should read Uffculme Parish Council's response to the application for a bagging plant near Hillhead - a plant yet to secure permission but that has "already progressed to an advanced stage". Uffculme will have had plenty of dealings with AI over the years. Surely there is a good working relationship by now with one of the larger companies in their parish? It doesn't sound like it, reading the first line of the Council's response:
Arrogance of Company; no local consultation; contempt for local community...
As you can imagine, there's a number of other things they're not happy about as well, "inaccuracies and incorrect information on highways and traffic movements; misleading employment information", and much more. No punches pulled there.