Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A disappointing year

It’s been a disappointing year for those who care about the future of this area;

for those that care that Devon County Council is conspiring with a Swiss multinational cement conglomerate to seal the fate of Ottery St Mary and the surrounding area for generations to come;

for those that care that, despite a multitude of material planning constraints, the Aggregate Industries machine continues to move relentlessly towards the gates of its first target, Straitgate Farm.

Here are a few things we posted over the course of 2014:

AI is already marking out its quarry

Exeter Airport’s response on birdstrike fails to consider the complete picture
Hedgerows provide a natural flood defence
AI plans to grub up almost two miles of ancient hedgerows at Straitgate
Spot the difference - 49 acre lake vs. ephemeral pond?
Devon Minerals Plan delayed again
Devon sand and gravel production for 2013, down on 2012

AI's answer for the dormice - an 'escape route'

2015 is likely to be a year when more help will be needed; AI is likely to be submitting its planning application, and DCC is likely to be consulting on, and formally submitting, its long-delayed Minerals Plan. Please spread the word to all those who may be able to assist in any way they can.

It is at least pleasing that readership of this blog and Twitter continues to grow. To all who read this, friend or foe, we wish you a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.