Saturday, 7 January 2017

Another objection to AI's Hillhead ROMP application

There’s yet more trouble for Aggregate Industries' Hillhead ROMP application. Following the objection from the Environment Agency, and the truck numbers not stacking up, DCC, in its role as Lead Local Flood Authority, has also objected:
At this stage, we object to this planning application because we do not believe that it satisfactorily conforms to Policy MP47 (Flood Risk and Floodplains) of Devon County Council's Minerals Plan (2004-2011) which states that proposals for mineral development which increase the risk of flooding will not be permitted unless the risks or impacts can be mitigated by appropriate measures. is not clear how surface water is managed during the restoration.
Following the publication of the Flood Risk Assessments: Climate Change Allowances document (dated 19th February 2016) by central government, the applicant will be required to use a climate change uplift value of 40% when sizing the proposed surface water drainage management system for this development.