Friday, 26 April 2013

AMEC reports on surface drainage at Straitgate Farm

Aggregate Industries has now received a copy of AMEC's report on surface drainage at Straitgate Farm, advising on suitable locations for stream gauging, following a walkover survey by an AMEC consultant last month. For such stream gauge monitors to "capture flows from the proposed extraction site with minimal dilution from surrounding catchments" groundworks would be required for "channel manipulation" in order to produce reliable and informative data. AI is keen that the "monitoring is seen in the wider interests of local flooding not just the effect of any proposed development at Straitgate". AMEC's thorough 21-page report concludes that:
There is extensive evidence of natural flooding across the eastern extent of Straitgate Farm. The capacities of roadside ditches and streams have not been adequate to deal with recent levels of rainfall in the area. Flow gauging on Straitgate Farm under current conditions would be problematic… The nature of AI’s development proposals would also need to be considered in deciding upon the need for and type of installation of gauging equipment.
AI is still in discussion with AMEC about exactly what monitoring to employ and in what locations. This is an important matter. Any quarrying AI pursues at Straitgate Farm would not be permitted to change stream flows to wetland habitats in Ancient Woodland or downstream communities prone to flooding.