Monday, 29 July 2013

From one side of the Otter Valley to the other

Or from one part of the East Devon AONB towards another. It is a captivating sight - looking from White Cross on East Hill out across the Otter Valley. This view is towards Venn Ottery Common, with Tipton St John and its church in the foreground. The photograph is only taken with a phone, but, even 5km away, Aggregate Industries' contribution to the scene is clear to see. AI (or English China Clays as then) was given permission to quarry on Venn Ottery Hill in 1965, two years after the AONB was first designated. The company is only now fully working the deposit, and this is the scar being created. It is what AI would call a small quarry. Any quarry at Straitgate Farm would be bigger, and therefore even more visible from East Hill and the AONB.