Friday, 16 August 2013

Further ten years allowed for quarry in Cairngorms national park

That's the headline in Minerals Planning. What a disgrace you might think? How could they? However, compare and contrast this last paragraph of the article with the plans for Straitgate:
The authority noted that the proposals were small scale and the impacts were local and temporary. In addition, the site was relatively remote and there would be no loss of amenity for residents. Extending an existing quarry was more sustainable than opening a new site and the restoration had the potential to enhance the natural heritage of the area by restoring agricultural land and improving the appearance of the site. The development would also support the local economy.
Does any of that apply here? No. OK, East Devon's not a national park, but the article highlights that there are ways that quarrying can cause less impact on people and people's lives, and there are places where quarrying can cause less impact on people and people's lives. Straitgate Farm, Ottery St Mary, is not one of those places; Aggregate Industries' proposal is not one of those ways.