Monday, 19 May 2014


Groundwater measurements have now been recorded for 15 months from six of the boreholes at Straitgate Farm, and for 8 months from the other five. The borehole central to the proposed site has seen groundwater rise by about 6 metres during each of the last two winters, to a level where almost all of the pebble beds are below the water table. It is worth noting that Aggregate Industries' permission at Thorn Trees Plantation, Blackhill Quarry, was to only quarry down to one metre above the maximum level of the water table, to protect the surrounding hydrology.

AI has still not demonstrated to DCC that it could quarry the site with 'acceptable' impacts. This has delayed the County’s Minerals Plan yet further. Last week DCC wrote:
I have received no further information from Aggregate Industries, and it is therefore difficult for us to make any progress on the sand and gravel element of the Minerals Plan. We cannot come to a view on the inclusion or otherwise of Straitgate Farm in the Minerals Plan until we have adequate information on potential impacts, notably on the groundwater issue and its implications for water supplies, habitats and the airport, together with the opportunity to seek the further views of the Environment Agency, Natural England and Exeter Airport.