Sunday, 8 June 2014

In the papers

Birmingham Airport bosses are worried that large ponds built close to a proposed new station serving the airport would attract an influx of geese and other birds.
Bird strike, when birds get into the engines of aircraft, is a serious, if not fundamental, issue for safe and efficient operation of the airport,” the petition states.
“Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent annually on ensuring that bird strike does not happen. If bird strike does happen, the results can be catastrophic, leading to, at worst, aircraft crashes and loss of life."
Ponding directly under Exeter Airport's flightpath is of course what Aggregate Industries hope to get away with here.

A former quarry could be converted into a solar farm capable of powering 2,800 homes.
The latest solar proposal would see nearly 43,000 panels installed at Bluegates Farm, between Alresford and Elmstead Market.
Nick Leaney, director of the applicant, Aardvark EM, said the land had once been a quarry, which had been converted into poor-quality agricultural fields.
Which backs up what farmers will tell you - that you can't just dump some top soil once the land has been quarried and hope to farm in the same way again. At Straitgate, AI talk about the long-term after-use being "light agricultural grazing", good enough for a few sheep in other words, if - of course - it's not allocated for something more profitable in the meantime.