Saturday, 14 June 2014

RAF Fairford... revisited

Aggregate Industries has assured us in the past that it's quite used to running quarry operations where there are airport safeguarding and birdstrike considerations. "Just look at RAF Fairford" we were told, where AI has nearby sand and gravel operations, as an example of how the company manages quarrying, water, aircraft and birds.
due to the proximity of Fairford Airfield, water based restoration/after-use is not appropriate,
contrary to its plans for Straitgate Farm under Exeter Airport's flightpath, where it thinks water-based restoration would be appropriate.

Events at RAF Fairford this week, when a B2 Stealth Bomber hit a buzzard during its landing approach, underline just what's at stake and why the CAA and the MOD take the issue of birdstrike so seriously. The plane survived; the buzzard didn't. Cost of a B2? US$737 million - at 1997 prices.