Wednesday, 2 July 2014


The meeting referred to in the last Update to discuss Straitgate took place at DCC yesterday. Aggregate Industries asked that the details of the meeting be treated as "commercially confidential".

Discussions concerned Straitgate, Rockbeare, Marshbroadmoor, Venn Ottery and Blackhill. The area is being looked at as a whole, since restoration would make up an important part of any proposal.

AI is still aiming to submit a planning application later this year, subject to persuading the Environment Agency and other statutory bodies that its proposals are acceptable. However, with a smaller recoverable resource, AI and its Swiss paymasters will no doubt need to assess the financial viability of any scheme.

DCC has informed us that AI's final campaign at Marshbroadmoor is scheduled to start this month. Approximately 45,000 tonnes of aggregate remain; once this has been removed the site will be restored. Work at Venn Ottery will temporarily cease while the Marshbroadmoor site is being worked.