Thursday, 25 September 2014

Aggregate Industries respectfully requests

Following the missing metal detector debacle yesterday, Aggregate Industries has respectfully requested that we and other local people do not enter any land at Straitgate Farm where archaeological investigations are taking place - even when machines are idle and contractors off-site - on the grounds that the 30-40 cm deep trenches, as in the photograph below, present a health and safety hazard. AI intends to put warning signs around the site in due course.

AI advised us that to enter the dig site without company permission would be trespassing. However, only the tenant - who has to date kindly granted us access - can bring a claim for trespass, not the landlord.

Nevertheless, AI assures us it has nothing to hide and does not need the help of the public to audit its investigations. Unfortunately, events yesterday - when neither SLR, AI nor DCC were present at the start of archaeological investigations - would seem to indicate otherwise.