Monday, 10 November 2014


The site comprised the existing quarry together with an area of 34 hectares identified as preferred sites in the minerals local plan…. The council concluded that the need for the mineral had been proven through the site’s allocation in the mineral local plan.
The risk to a protected aquifer in Hertfordshire was sufficient reason for an inspector to dismiss an appeal involving the extraction of sand and gravel from land in the green belt.
Extractive companies contribute in a number of ways, said committee chair Adrian Bailey. But reports of poor practice around the world are a concern and give extractive industries a bad name. To improve the performance and accountability of mining firms, a tough social responsibility index needs to be developed in the UK, which features all extractive companies listing here.
4. Group of experts calls for national minerals strategy to meet the UK’s needs up to 2050
Continued access to minerals in the UK should not be at the expense of adverse impacts on the environment. So far the UK has generally been able to secure adequate and steady supplies within a highly protective environmental framework, and with care this should still be possible.
The community has really rallied together to fight these plans. I think the proposal is an absolute abomination and will totally ruin Shelford Valley. It is completely outrageous.
Delays to the end of work at [AI's] Uttoxeter Quarry has been an on-going issue for residents and the latest plan could see it delayed until the 2020s.

8. Crickley Hill Iron Age battle site preserved
Iron Age battle site containing the remains of a hill fort has been given legal protection by English Heritage
The team of archaeologists, who unearthed the remains of a 2,000 year old Iron Age and Roman settlement and two medieval and post-medieval stone-constructed buildings in December 2012, will be presenting their findings to local residents and interested groups.