Friday, 3 July 2015

Group responses to AI’s planning applications

An objection has now been submitted by Charlie Hopkins, MA (Oxon) PG Dip Law Solicitor (non-practising) Planning & Environmental Consultant, on behalf of Straitgate Action Group, to DCC in relation to Aggregate Industries’ planning applications:
Whilst the primary focus of this objection has been on planning policy issues, further detailed objections have been submitted addressing other matters beyond the scope of this objection. This document should be read in that context and in conjunction with those other objections.
A further objection from members of the group addressing these other matters can be found here.

An objection from West Hill Residents Association can be found here, and responses from various statutory consultees can be found at the end of the planning application documents here.

We know of many other people who have submitted substantive objections. We have been encouraged by these, and also to see Hugo Swire MP voicing his concerns again.

The formal consultation period finished yesterday. For those, however, still finding out about these damaging, unsustainable and controversial planning applications, DCC should consider any comments up until the date of determination.