Monday, 27 July 2015

"MP43 Proposals for mineral development will not be permitted...

...where the generation of heavy goods vehicle movements could not be satisfactorily accommodated on the existing local highway network".

Aggregate Industries would have us all believe that:
the proposed B3180 is considered to be suitable as the recommended route for the transport of material from Straitgate Farm to Blackhill Quarry 4.2.1.
But the absurdity of that statement is clear from the video above.

The clip, taken from the position indicated below on 22 July at 15.09 and kindly sent to us, is yet more evidence demonstrating that AI’s 44-tonne HGVs cannot be satisfactorily accommodated on the B3180. The person who captured the film said:
The van that backed up was not an HGV and yet they still could not pass. Even with a reasonable distance of back up it was a very close squeeze and obviously traffic behind the van had to reverse as well. The Common road is full of bends. So, had there been traffic approaching on a bend they would have - and for all we know were - forced to brake suddenly as there was a queue of reversing traffic.
MP43 is one of the policies in the Devon Minerals Local Plan. This document will provide the planning policy framework for assessing whether permission should be granted for AI to continue operating along the B3180 beyond 2016, trucking as-dug sand and gravel 8.2 miles from Straitgate Farm to Blackhill for 5 years - a proposal that would bring 140,000 HGV movements, like the one above.