Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Decision on Straitgate and Blackhill delayed until 2016

If Aggregate Industries was hoping to get all this decided in 2015, that window has now closed.

It's hardly surprising, given the shortfall and reliability of information in AI’s planning applications; the inconsistencies, the inaccuracies, the fabrications, the need for DCC to raise 82 substantive issues. It's hardly surprising, given AI's inability to demonstrate why it has no choice but to process in an area of European importance to nature, not a nearby industrial estate. It's hardly surprising, given the risk of further blighting an AONB and SPA/SAC, and the risks of 1.2 million HGV miles on unsuitable roads. It's hardly surprising, given the potential harm to ecology and water supplies, and how little material is really available for the price of an East Devon farm. It’s hardly surprising, given that DCC is "still awaiting information and clarification", that determination has been delayed until 2016, 27 January at the earliest.