Thursday, 28 January 2016

AI's latest idea?

Up to 200 44-tonne HGVs pulling into and out of this entrance every day - onto the main 60mph road into and out of Ottery. Crawling up the hill, hauling as-dug sand and gravel 8 miles to Woodbury Common. 

This was what a surveyor was working on this morning. Does that sound sensible? Or safe? Good luck to Aggregate Industries on convincing people of the merits of that scheme.

Edit 29.1.16: It's all very well that AI may now be desperate to find some way out of this site, having failed to check its legal rights for the first idea, but lots of people are already contacting us to say that they are flabbergasted that this access point is even being considered. As locals attest, this is already a dangerous stretch of road, because of the speed and overtaking it attracts and the blind crest; fully loaded HGVs pulling out and crawling up and down this hill - up to 20 per hour - one every 3 minutes - is just asking for trouble. Here are some of the accident statistics included in AI's Transport Assessment.