Thursday, 10 March 2016

EA response to Minerals Plan

The Environment Agency’s response to the draft Devon Minerals Plan contains a paragraph on Straitgate. The EA has confirmed that it should in fact read:
In addition, although it was our understanding that the minerals development at Straitgate would entail above max water table working, we note that the operator is now proposing an operation that does not conform to the requirements of this policy or the mitigation proposed in Appendix C.
Policy M12: Land-won Sand and Gravel Supply of the draft Minerals Plan states:
The adequate and steady supply of land-won sand and gravel to meet the requirements of Policy M11 will be met through:(a) the extraction of remaining reserves at existing quarries;(b) the development of further sand and gravel resources within the Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds at the following locations illustrated on the Policies Map, subject to the mitigation measures identified in Appendix C:(i) Straitgate Farm, Ottery St Mary (Specific Site) through working only above the maximum water table; ...
Appendix C, relating to Straitgate, states:
The development of this site will only involve dry working, above the maximum winter (wet) level of groundwater with an unsaturated zone of at least 1m maintained across the site.